kazy reed

  • People who drive around with a shitload of mail shoved between their dashboard and windshield.
  • People who ask questions, but don't listen to your answers.
  • Driving through Connecticut. No offense, Connecticut, but really...
  • People who use the word "them" when he/she should use "they". 
  • people who type with no capitilzation spell check or punctuation so you never know what they mean when the send you an email
  • Writers who use CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasize a word. Italics, people. Italics!
  • When I tell people that I write about vampires, and they say, "Oh, another Twilight."
  • Hotel shower curtains that cling to you.
  • Carpeted bathroom floors.
  • I'm a language geek. I've studied Spanish, French, Danish, German, Italian, and Ancient Greek.
  • I write books about vampires, but I pass out when I get blood drawn.
  • I never finish an entire beverage.
  • There are several words that give me the creeps. The worst are: slacks, lap, and coin.
  • I'm allergic to raw fruits and veggies.
  • Foghorn Leghorn (from Looney Tunes) is my hero.
  • I like to dip french fries into chocolate milkshakes.
  • I can't pronounce the words "squirrel" or "walrus" unless I really concentrate.
  • I have several model crushes, including Matthias Larsen, RJ Rogenski, Chris Datolla, and Rafael Lazzini. 

Pet Peeves